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    Supplementary resources    
    Weiss et al. 2016    
The physiology and habitat of the last universal common ancestor.
Weiss MC, Sousa FL, Mrnjavac N, Neukirchen S, Roettger M, Nelson-Sathi S, Martin WF.
Nat Microbiol 1:16116
    Preisner et al. 2016    
The cytoskeleton of parabasalian parasites comprises proteins that resemble intermediate filament proteins.
Preisner H, Karin EL, Poschmann G, St├╝hler K, Pupko T, Gould S.
Protist 167(6):526-43
    Ku et al. 2015    
Endosymbiotic origin and differential loss of eukaryotic genes
Ku C, Nelson-Sathi S, Roettger M, Sousa FL, Lockhart PJ, Bryant D, Hazkani-Covo E, McInerney JO, Landan G and Martin WF.
Nature 524(7566):427-32
    Ku et al. 2015    
Endosymbiotic gene transfer from prokaryotic pangenomes: inherited chimaerism in eukaryotes
Ku C, Nelson-Sathi S, Roettger M, Garg S, Hazkani-Covo E and Martin WF.
PNAS 112(33):10139-46
    Nelson-Sathi et al. 2015    
Origins of major archaeal clades correspond to gene acquisitions from bacteria.
Nelson-Sathi S, Sousa FL, Roettger M, Lozada-Chávez N, Thiergart T, Janssen A, Bryant D, Landan G, Schönheit P, Siebers B, McInerney JO and Martin WF.
Nature in press
    List et al. 2014    
Using Phylogenetic Networks to Model Chinese Dialect History.
List JM,Nelson-Sathi S, Martin W and Geisler H.
Language Dynamics and Change 4.2 (2014)
    Dagan et al. 2013    
Genomes of stigonematalean cyanobacteria (Subsection V) and the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis from prokaryotes to plastids
Tal Dagan, Mayo Roettger, Karina Stucken, Giddy Landan, Robin Koch, Peter Major, Sven B. Gould, Vadim V. Goremykin, Rosmarie Rippka, Nicole Tandeau de Marsac, Muriel Gugger, Peter J. Lockhart, John F. Allen, Iris Brune, Irena Maus, Alfred Pühler, and William F. Martin
Genome Biol Evol 5(1):31-44 (2013)
    Nelson-Sathi et al. 2012    
Acquisition of 1,000 eubacterial genes physiologically transformed a methanogen at the origin of Haloarchaea.
Nelson-Sathi S, Dagan T, Landan G, Janssen A, Steel M, McInerney JO, Deppenmeier U, Martin WF
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2012)
    Bogumil and Dagan 2010    
Chaperonin-dependent accelerated substitution rates in prokaryotes.
David Bogumil and Tal Dagan
Genome Biol Evol 2:602-8 (2010).
    Popa et al. 2011    
Directed networks reveal genomic barriers and DNA repair bypasses to lateral gene transfer among prokaryotes.
Ovidiu Popa, Einat Hazkani-Covo, Giddy Landan, William Martin, Tal Dagan
Genome Res 21:599-609 (2011).
    Kloesges et al. 2011    
Networks of gene sharing among 329 proteobacterial genomes reveal differences in lateral gene transfer frequency at different phylogenetic depths.
Thorsten Kloesges, Ovidiu Popa, William Martin, Tal Dagan
Mol Biol Evol 28:1057-74 (2011).
    Nelson-Sathi et al. 2011    
Networks uncover hidden lexical borrowing in Indo-European language evolution.
Shijulal Nelson-Sathi, Johann-Mattis List, Hans Geisler, Heiner Fangerau, Russell D. Gray, William Martin, Tal Dagan
Proc Biol Sci 278:1794-803 (2011).
    Woehle et al. 2011    
Red and Problematic Green Phylogenetic Signals among Thousands of Nuclear Genes from the Photosynthetic and Apicomplexa-Related Chromera velia.
Christian Woehle, Tal Dagan, William F. Martin, and Sven B. Gould
Genome Biol Evol 3:1220-30 (2011).
    Waegele et al. 2011    
Transcriptomic evidence that longevity of acquired plastids in the photosynthetic slugs Elysia timida and Plakobrachus ocellatus does not entail lateral transfer of algal nuclear genes.
Heike Waegele, Oliver Deusch, Katharina Haendeler, Rainer Martin, Valerie Schmitt, Gregor Christa, Britta Pinzger, Sven B. Gould, Tal Dagan, Annette Klussmann-Kolb, William Martin
Mol Biol Evol 28:699-706 (2011).
    Thiergart et al. 2012    
An evolutionary network of genes present in the eukaryote common ancestor polls genomes on eukaryotic and mitochondrial origin.
Thiergart T, Landan G, Schenk M, Dagan T, Martin W
Genome Biol Evol 4:466-85 (2012).
    Dagan et al. 2008    
Modular networks and cumulative impact of lateral transfer in prokaryote genome evolution.
Tal Dagan, Yael Artzy-Randrup, William Martin
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105:10039-44 (2008).

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